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Ma'an Lil-Hayat produces felt products using the natural wool sheep purchased from local shephards and shephardesses.  
All the process is done by hand at our workshop in Bethlehem.

1. Carding

After the sheep wool is washed, it goes through the carding process to separate the fiber, while eliminating remaining dirt.
   2. Dyeing

The wool is dyed in different colors.

3. Felting

The wool is rubbed in warm soapy water, which makes the fiber to cling to each other and to form dense material. 

 4. Shaping in the Molds

The rubbing is also done with acrylic molds in order to make a desired shape.

 5. Drying

They are left to dry throughly.  
6. Finishing

Different pieces of felt are assembled into a finished product.  



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